Get Younger skin

Get Younger skin

Marisa Peer

Our body makes:

A new skin every month
A new skeleton every three months
A new liver every six weeks
A new stomach lining every four to five days
Our brain cells change yearly
Our blood renews itself every month
Our eye cells regenerate every forty-eight hours
The raw material of our DNA changes every six weeks

The age you are in years is irrelevant because we have three ages and three different ways to measure our age. Our chronological age is the age on your birth certificate. Your biological age is the age of your organs and body and our psychological age is the age we feel. Our psychological age can change from moment to moment. Listening to music from the past, dancing, laughing, being childlike can cause us to feel instantly younger. These feelings send a message to our bodies and they literally begin to grow younger. Feeling stressful, on the other hand, causes us to feel and look older, and this feeling sends a very different message to our bodies. We make different chemicals when we are happy to the ones we make when we are unhappy and depending on our thinking these can age or rejuvenate us.


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