What Are You Tolerating Right NOW?

What Are You Tolerating Right NOW?

Sally Anderson

It amazes me what people tolerate.  Toleration is a strong word, I am not meaning ‘toleration’ in the sense of how most people relate to it, I am talking about what you complain about, put up with, operate over the top of – one of the best terms I heard years ago was ‘icing on the turd’ – loved it!

So lets explore tolerations.  Most people say they want x, y, z but they are pushing the proverbial sh…t up hill if they operate over the top of what they tolerate.  So why do people tolerate what they do?  One reason and one reason only, in my opinion, they are not committed and sell out to HOW.  Here are some commonly used excuses for tolerating things that do not serve us in our life and some examples of what we tolerate to give context to what I am talking about here:-

Top 10 Most Commonly Used Excuses:-

1.We/I can’t afford itI am here to tell you folks it is NEVER about the money but hey what a good relinquishment bucket

2.I don’t know howhow convenient, a guaranteed way of not getting what you want.  You will always ascertain the HOW if you take action 

3.  It’s all too hard – well you would be a self fulfilling prophesy if you have this defeatist attitude

4.  I do not have the time – wonderful relinquishment bucket, complete abdication of responsibility when time is used as an excuse – the committed person ALWAYS has time

5.  I can never see it changing; it’s always been this way – beautiful, perfect excuse of resignation

6.  People will judge me if I change – yes they will but is says more about them than it says about you if they do – three fingers are ALWAYS pointing back

7.  Its not realistic – hilarious, your reality is based on your commitment, or not, its really up to you

8.  I’ve tried and it never works – funny that, maybe that’s because trying is a completely redundant exercise – give up trying for good and get committed

9.  You don’t understand – ooh yes I do, more than most – hanging out in the HOW will always keep you stuck in old thinking

10.  What will people think – if you are pre-occupied by what others think you will never achieve what you want

Top 10 Examples Of Main Tolerations

1/ Weight/Wellbeing complaints 2/Financial complaints 3/Career complaints 4/Zillions of things that do not work and never get fixed 5/Zillions of things you want that you sell out to not having because of your excuses 6/ Complaints about your friends/partner/wife/boss/work colleague 7/ Disorganisation complaints 8/Historical complaints 9/ ‘Lack of’ complaints 10/Attitudinal complaints

Themes arise when you identify what you tolerate and can be categorised in to the above themes – so I highly recommend that you identify 50 tolerations today, what are you waiting for – write until you find 50, not 10, not 39, 50 – you have them believe me!  Once identified categorise them by theme and then go to work on them – can you imagine a life where you no longer tolerate anything?

If you do not have what you want in any area of your life it is only EVER a function of not being committed to it – if you resist this statement this to is the reason why you will not achieve what you want – you prefer to stay on the tennis court called ‘want’ versus the tennis court called ‘committed’, two very different courts in life people!  Commitment = results – if the results are not produced in the area of your life that you say you are committed, YOU ARE NOT COMMITTED!

I do not write this BLOG today to piss you off, I write it as a contribution to enlighten people to what could be possible beyond what they tolerate!

If you are interested in living a toleration free life given what could be possible, then consider calling one of the Freefall Team on 09 488 6764 or book in for a 1 hour free no obligation consultation session with one of our Certified Freefall Coaches 

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