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The creative Shed

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Shed Simove’s new book “Success… Or Your Money Back” is a unique accumulation of observations on creativity, the nature of success and
just getting out there and doing it for yourself. The Best You decided to find out what’s important to Shed, and the thinking that shaped his latest book.

With a background in bringing some of the biggest hits of the past 10 years to a UK TV screen somewhere near you (Shed headed up “The Big Breakfast”, “Space Cadets” and “Big Brother”) as well as million-selling lines of adult and novelty gifts and toys, Shed Simove knows a thing or two about success.

But the thing that strikes you the moment you speak with Shed is something else: he has an infectious laugh that reveals a childlike curiosity and delight with the world.

Asked to describe himself he says only half-glibly: “I am physically a 41-year-old, with the mental age of an
His answer belies an extraordinary original talent to make people laugh. So what makes him happy?

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