Sarah shines: Interview with Sarah Storey

Sarah shines: Interview with Sarah Storey

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Sarah Storey is one of Great Britain’s greatest paralympians – she tells The Best You that the road to glory hasn’t been so smooth.

Sarah Storey is jointly the UK’s most prolific Paralympic medal winner alongside Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson and Dave Roberts.

Her life has been a story of focus and success, which involved her overcoming bullying and switching from swimming to cycling. Bernardo Moya chats with her
and finds out more about Sarah Storey, Paralympian extraordinaire.

Sarah Storey, now 34 years old, had an ordinary upbringing around her home village of Disley, in the Cheshire countryside. Though she started with what many might term a “disability” (her hand failed to develop properly after the umbilical cord was wrapped around it in the womb), her life was normal. These days her mum works in a nursery and her dad is an electrical engineer.

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