Remember, remember, it’s time for Movember…

Remember, remember, it’s time for Movember…

Matthew Wingett

The mo can be dapper and funny – it’s down to you how to make your mo count! In this one, writer Matt Wingett has gone for the circus strongman look!

Little acts of originality can make a massive difference. Just so with the case of the group of four men who got together one afternoon in 2003 in a pub in Melbourne, Australia looking at people passing by on the street.

Luke Slattery, co-founder of the Movember movement recalls:

“We were sitting around looking at all the fashions that had come back – cords, flares, stripes and plaid. And we wondered what from our childhood hadn’t come back. We decided there were two things – the moustache and macrame.”

The friends thought it would be fun to make the moustache fashionable again – and then as they discussed it more, decided that growing a moustache for charity would also make those facial follicles do some good in the world.

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