Mike Clayton The Yes/No Book : How to Do Less... and Achieve More!

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How often do you say ‘YES’ to something, when you know you really wanted to say ‘NO’? You have the right and the power to choose. This book will show you how. The Yes/No Book is about choice.

It empowers you with the ability to know exactly when to say ‘YES’ and when to say ‘NO’, showing you how to handle both with no fear, no guilt and with confidence and self-assurance. Empowered with the decision-making skills to know how and when to say ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ you will develop increasing control over your life. You will become more focussed, more productive, less stressed, more involved in doing the things you want to do and less in doing time-sapping chores that offer no benefit or joy.

The book is structured into two parts. The first examines our addiction to ‘YES’, the second tells us how to embrace and start using ‘NO’ and how to choose when each is best for us.

Authors: Mike ClaytonProduct Types: BooksProduct Categories: Confidence, Happiness, Influence, Language, Leadership


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