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How can this help?

Stop OCD is a complete programme providing treatment for obsessive compulsive disorder. There are 4 tracks on this recording incorporating hypnosis and NLP. Using the combination will be the most effective way to move forward from obsessive compulsive behaviours that are designed to help the condition to become much less bothersome and over time to diminish the hold OCD has on you for good.

Obsessive compulsive disorder ranges from mild to extreme debilitating behaviours, thoughts, feelings and actions that rule a person’s whole life. Usually people who search for treatments for OCD have had their problems for years.

So listen to stop OCD repeatedly

Get into the routine of listening to the recordings as much as you can during the daytime (once per day), and every night as you go to sleep. It’s quite ok to fall asleep listening, as people often do, and the recordings will be putting in the foundations to overcome OCD.

Our guarantee

In the unlikely event that you do not gain any useful, noticeable benefit by listening to this recording, after having listened for a period of 60 days (very often, the benefits come much faster) we are happy to refund your money. It is that simple. So you have everything to gain by ordering your copy now.

Authors: Debbie WilliamsProduct Types: MP3 DownloadsProduct Categories: Coping with Personal Problems, Goal Setting, Influence, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)


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