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 In this new The Secrets of Success LIMITED EDITION CD set, Richard Bandler models four immensely successful people whom you will learn from, be inspired by – and whose skills you will be able to use in your own life.  

The four stars of the show he interviews are:
Celebrity chef and restaurant chain owner, Aldo Zilli
Olympic Gold meda-winning runner Iwan Thomas
Multi-millionaire businessman Andrew Morris
Famous British actor, Christopher Ellison.
And, if you have ever wondered how Richard arrived at the powerful NLP techniques that he teaches in his seminars, books and DVDs, prepare to have his secrets revealed, too!  
In The Secrets of Success you will hear Richard modelling each of these immensely successful people, extracting from them powerful tips that will you will find incredibly useful in your life.
Among the many secrets of success you will draw from this CD set, you will discover:
how the most successful people are so often unable to acknowledge their own success – so they have more of a driving edge
how hugely creative people generate images in their mind that draw them inexorable towards them
how rehearsal over and over again in the mind's eye can lead to excellence in performance
how being an inspiration to others made a millionaire rethink his life
what the responsibilities are of being the man in the public eye
how the right motivation is the key to making you learn
what are the big secrets that the amazingly successful go for what they want – and how you can use those secrets in your life, too.
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Authors: Richard BandlerProduct Types: CDsProduct Categories: Business Excellence, Communication - Personal, Continuing Education, Cultivating Passion and Significance, Customer Service, Family Relationships, Financial Freedom, Goal Setting, Leadership, Marketing, Memory Training, Motivation, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Personal Freedom, Persuasion, Study Skills, Success, Teamwork, Time Management


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