Persuade in a Minute


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Do you often lose arguments? Do you get frustrated because you can't get your way? Is your boss too dismissive? Do you have trouble persuading people to agree with you? Would you love to quietly get your way with the people around you, instead of shouting to make yourself heard? And how satisfying would it be if they felt happier about it too? These easy strategies for communicating with the important people in your life all take a minute or less. You'll instantly be getting your point across more effectively. You will discover how to: get your way at work; get your way at home; get your way with your boss; get a payrise; get more money; get your way with your loved ones; get others to feel better about themselves; get your way with kids; and, (most importantly), keep everyone happy at the same time! From the things we say to the way we act in everyday situations, Tony Wrighton's techniques will help you to get your way more often, as well as using your new-found influence to look out for other people too.

Authors: Tony WrightonProduct Types: BooksProduct Categories: Communication - Personal, Influence, Language, Motivation, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Persuasion


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