How They Started in Tough Times : How 25 Great Businesses Started During an Economic Downturn and Became Successful


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  • Come up with the initial idea for a business
  • Spot new opportunities
  • Secure funds from a bank or investor
  • Take advantage of lack of competition
  • Use persistence and hard work to succeed in spite of the odds
Do you dream of starting a business, but are too nervous to take the leap during economic uncertainty?
It seems even more risky and difficult than normal.
But How They Started in Tough Times may surprise you by revealing that many big businesses did just that – names such as Tesco, Argos, Foxtons, Burger King, Penguin, Oakley and Microsoft. But how did they start-up?
How They Started in Tough Times profiles 25 business founders who started successful businesses during a tough economic climate- and thrived.

They tell why they took that first step, the unique challenges they faced and how they grew and became established. The exceptional business stories in How They Started in Tough Times will provide inspiration how to:

Packed with inspirational stories and sound business advice, the stories within How They Started in Tough Times will give even the most cautious entrepreneur the confidence to start their business in tough times.
Authors: David Lester, Kim BenjaminProduct Types: BooksProduct Categories: Biographies and autobiographies, Business Excellence


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