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Desserts have a reputation for being difficult, and chef’s desserts in particular might be expected to be flashy and complicated. Not so Gordon’s. His methods are classical, because these are what work and have stood the test of time, but wherever it’s possible to make a recipe simpler, Gordon will do so.

What matters are the flavours, and noone is better at combining them – pineapple and star anise, figs with balsamic syrup, raspberry and lemongrass, chocolate and thyme – to name but a few. In Just Desserts the first few chapters deal with the basic building blocks – fruit, ices and creams, mousses and souffles. The recipes are presented in a clear and easy-to-follow way; the mouthwatering photographs of finished desserts are backed up with revealing and informative step-by-step technique photographs.

Each recipe stands alone but where it could be combined to make a more special dish there are suggestions in the margin – Slow Roasted Peaches with Orange Caramel Sauce would be served with White Peach Parfait and Dried Peach Slices, for example. Gordon loves classics but here each one has an individual twist – Summer Pudding, for instance, is made with brioche rather than bread and served in a spectacular stack; Treacle Tart is made with a superlight pastry and served with Lemongrass Creme Fraiche. Not only is Just Desserts a superb collection of delicious recipes for every occasion, it is the definitive book on superlative contemporary dessert making.

Glamorous yet authoritative, it will be many years before a better book on the subject is produced.

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