Dee Weldon Bird From Both Sides of the Fence : The Gifts in U

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When Dee’s parents died suddenly and she became an orphan, the shock was overwhelming. Her future unknown, Dee was about to begin a harrowing yet insightful journey of self discovery and identity.

This book is the account of her experiences, and the questions that arose for her. Why are we here? What is life about? Where are we from? Written with honesty and a unique, personal perspective, Both Sides of the Fence: The Gifts in U shows us that life involves continuous growth and that no matter how difficult our challenges, no one can take the love you have for yourself away. This was shown to Dee after her mother’s death and proves how strong love is. It’s a belief she holds close to her heart and guides her in her work as a medium.

“Dee’s book shows us that life is far more colorful than we can imagine. It chronicles Dee’s life, from a tragic childhood, to the person she is today, and teaches us that we can overcome anything life throws at us! Both Sides of the Fence: The Gifts in U is filled with love, humor and honesty, and reminds us that we are never alone! Dee has an amazing gift. She can connect with everyone, and through herself and her guide, can teach us that love is all that matters” – Kelly Andrews, Liverpool, England Dee lives in Loughton in Essex, England. She hopes that the message in Both Sides of the Fence reflects the gifts in U.

Authors: Dee Weldon BirdProduct Types: BooksProduct Categories: Influence, Mind, Body and Spirit, Rapport & Mind Reading, Spiritual


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