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The quality of  “Common Sense” is regarded as sound judgment when considering problems of truth and conduct without bias from logical subtleties or selfish interests.  It’s one of Nature’s priceless gifts.  
Yet how do you learn to apply good old-fashioned common sense?  
Common Sense is as a plant of delicate growth, in need of careful training and continued watching so that it may bear fruit at all seasons.
In this book the venerable Shogun, Yoritomo-Tashi, points out that Common Sense is a composite product consisting of
(1) Perception;
(2) Memory;
(3) Thought;
(4) Alertness;
(5) Deduction;
(6) Foresight;
(7) Reason, and
(8) Judgment.
Discussing each of these separately, he indicates their inter-relations and how they may be successfully employed.
Further, he warns one against the dangers that lurk in moral inertia, indifference, sentimentality, egotism, etc.
Common Sense is a quality that must be developed if it is to be utilized – and this book shows you how.
Authors: Blanchard Yorimoto-TashiProduct Types: Free eBooksProduct Categories: Coaching, Continuing Education, Personal Development, Popular Psychology


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