Shari Arison Activate Your Goodness Transforming the World Through Doing Good

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Activate Your Goodness is a practical guide for Doing Good for yourself and for others, offering you inspiration for immediate improvement of your own life and the lives of others. Author Shari Arison, visionary businesswoman and philanthropist, explores personal stories of people who have made a difference by thinking, speaking and doing good.

Shari boldly shares with us her own experience that her ‘perfect life’ – as one of the world’s most powerful women and owner of a business empire that spans the globe – is harmonious only when she attains that delicate personal balance between giving and receiving.

The unexpected and delightful insight that emerges from the book shows that each person who searches and finds a way to do good for others will also do good for oneself.Activate Your Goodness is a book to share with those you most love and those who are partners in your desire to create a better world for our future generations. You may even discover your own connections to make your life joyful beyond measure.

Authors: Shari ArisonProduct Types: BooksProduct Categories: Confidence, Cultivating Passion and Significance, Happiness, Health, Influence, Mind, Body and Spirit


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