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"Together We Empower And Educate"

Bernardo Moya: "We have a responsibility as transformational leaders to inspire change and make the world a better place..."


72 Hours Of Positive Messages
From World Leaders, Speakers, and Thinkers and Influencers.

Date 8th May GMT 7 am Time - 72 Hours
Our Mission
Spread Positivity Around The Globe. Provide Hope.

One Objective
4320 "1 minute positive messages" that will be shared LIVE for 72 Hours.

One Record
Record GuinnessCan we break a world record?
We have submitted to the Guiness World of Records for
"The most amount of recorded positive messages to be streamed in 72 hours"
We are aiming for 4320 messages and 100.000+ viewers.
The world has changed, we know, and this new new, people are coming together, creativity is flowing, partnerships are being created.

Leaders in the industry of personal and professional growth are stepping up to do more to be more, to reach more, to help more.

We will create something that has never been done before we want to combine the knowledge, experience and wisdom of thousands of world leaders for 72 hours non stop.
Short and concise messages from inspirers from all over the world.

We are looking at creating a level of consciousness that inspires people from all over the world.
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