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Becoming The Best You means many different things to different people. What we learn at school or university are not necessarily the skills we use in life. Some people are fearful of change, but change is good, it’s necessary. Life is about evolving, growing, transforming and pushing the boundaries of what seems impossible. Realising your limitations is good, making mistakes is good, it teaches us valuable lessons.

When we learn new things we thought were not possible, our mind starts thinking. “What else can I do?” “What else may I be wrong about it”?

Modelling or learning from those that have succeeded… those that teach and inspire is the best way to grow. We tend to get into the routine of working and forget about our growth… yet training, learning and taking time to think and meditate are the most valuable and important things we can do.

We all need help. The older we get, the more we learn, the less we know!

It’s said that the ultra-successful and rich, read 500 pages a day. Warren Buffet actually reads up to 1000 pages a day or 80% of his time. Bill Gates reads 50 books a year. Source Huffington Post.

Reading information that will increase your knowledge about your business or career will make you more valuable to colleagues, customers or clients. Among wealthy people, 88 percent read 30 minutes or more every day.

The reason successful people read is to improve themselves. This separates them from the competition. By increasing their knowledge, they are able to see more opportunities, which translates into more money. Comparatively speaking, only one in 50 of those people who are struggling financially, engage in this daily self-improvement reading, and as a result the poor don’t grow professionally and are among the first to be fired or downsized. Source Success Magazine.

We provide you insights and help you to grow. The Best You experts can help you with:

Enjoy Life

Laughter, humour, travel and love – these add the sparkle that makes life worth living. In this section we feature the things in life that make you smile. So if you’ve been feeling down in the dumps, this is the section for you.

Feel and Look Good

Feeling good about yourself makes the joy shine from your eyes and your skin. It makes others respond to you in new ways, and it gives you a whole new outlook on life. Everybody wants to feel and look good, and in this section we show you how.

Live Love Legacy

What do you want to be remembered for? What are your relationships like with those around you? How does life treat you, and how do you treat your life? This is the section where we show you that there is so much good in you. Enrich your life with the passion you feel and the connections you make.

Wealth and Riches

We’re not only talking about financial wealth and riches. Being wealthy and successful is a state of mind, and in this section we feature men and women who have achieved many levels of wealth and success.

21st Century Living

The pace of change can sometimes bewilder, but also gives amazing opportunities to meet new people. In this section we discover new things that allow us to thrive. Bring out the best in you by discovering the latest innovations that will put you ahead of the pack.

Inner You

Connect with the wonderful, special and powerful inside. Learn new ways to get your mind and body in balance. This is the section in which we feature articles on alternative remedies, practices that require a bit of faith, and encourage readers to get in touch with their inner selves.


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