Nutrition Secrets To Create A Better Life

Nutrition Secrets To Create A Better Life

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Nutritionist Angela Steel gives us insight into getting the best out of our food …

Detoxing Flushing the toxins out not only made my body feel cleansed, alive and vibrant, it also removed the dull veil from my thinking.

Suddenly, my mind felt clear, full of energy and inspiration.

Positivity pouring out, keeping me awake at night, filling me with huge energy for new projects. The seeds of where I am now, 8 years on (after a complete career change, new sense of purpose and confidence). I still look back on this often and think: “Wow, if it hadn’t been for this single decision, my life could be very different (and far less fulfilling)”

Why detox?

So much of our food chain is toxic nowadays. In fact it’s common to find residues of at least 5 persistent toxic chemicals in a single food. these chemicals interact with receptors in our body in ways we don’t yet even comprehend fully. One thing that has been established in studies is the link between these poisons and obesity. We know they mess up our metabolism and find protection in our fat cells (which can explain resistant flab!). Pretty good reasons to ditch them, don’t you think?

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