Tony is the UK’s top personal development author on iTunes.  He has coached thousands to make quick, lasting changes to their lives with his innovative and down to earth techniques.

Tony is also a TV and radio presenter and has been doing it for 15 years.  It’s given him some incredible opportunities. He’s interviewed top Premier League footballers, World Cup winning captains in Football, Cricket and Rugby, stars of music such as Take That, Britney Spears, Oscar-winning actresses, and his undoubted favourite – Kylie Minogue.  His broadcasting career has seen him work everywhere from New York to Newport, from Florida to Fir park.
Tony has 16 audiobooks and 14 iPhone and iPad apps available.  He has sold over 150,000 copies on iTunes and is currently in the self-development charts in Britain, USA, Canada, Ireland and Australia and many other countries around the world.

His book Confidence in a minute is published by Virgin Books, and has been translated into many different languages around the world including Chinese, Spanish,  Japanese, Turkish and Dutch. His second book Relax in a minute comes out on April 7th 2011 and is also being translated into multiple different languages.  He is currently writing (slaving!) over his third book which is taking up lots of time - Persuade in a minute, and that is published in September 2011.

Tony is a licensed NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer and he has extensively studied in these techniques used by successful people in many walks of life.  He has been refining his own down-to-earth, original personal development style for a decade and with this audiobooks has inspired hundreds of thousands to feel more confident, relaxed, win at sport, improve their business, and make a change to their lives.