Ali Campbell (The UK’s Mr. Fix it)

Life Fixer, Presenter and Internationally Bestselling Author.

You are probably already familiar with Ali Campbell – Now widely accepted in the media as the UK’s leading Life-Fixer and self-help author. His last book ‘Just Get On With It’ outsold the Dalai Lama.

Ali is 100% the real deal having built his formidable reputation at the sharp end of personal development where he gained a reputation for ‘curing the incurable’… fast!

  • The woman who hadn’t left home in 14 years… Was ‘fixed’ in less than an hour, then Ali took her shopping.
  • The kid who’d only EVER eaten 6 foods took just 45 minutes before was eating his mum out of house and home.
  • And the driving phobic granny was racing a Ferrari after just one session.
  • When h turned his attention to weight loss a client lost 212lbs to go from size 34 to a UK 10!
  • The X Factors Kelly Rowland says ‘Ali Campbell is my secret weapon’
  • He even ‘fixes’ royalty!

Ali is the antithesis of the recent ‘fluffy’ LA inspired coaching trend instead he bring together his considerable skill with his ‘caring compassionate kick up the ass’ attitude to affect big change very fast.

Few will argue that the power and influence of an expert Life-coach can be a life-changing tool for those lucky enough to have access.

Katie Price, Sally Hawkins, Ali Bastian, presenter Kaye Adams, The Fratellis, Mica Paris (to name just a few) all credit Ali with their success but perhaps more Interestingly so to do world leaders in politics, business and even royalty, who regularly fly him out to be at their side.

Ali tailors his blend of Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and coaching to the individual’s specific needs. The common thread is that all the individuals who use Ali's services want to operate as the very best version of themselves. Ali makes this happen;

“I’ve just landed another £5 million deal thanks to working with Ali, I’m just glad he’s not on a percentage" Liz Henderson CEO

Following the international success of 'Just get on with it' Ali’s second book for Hay House is ‘MORE than just SEX’ a relationships book for ‘REAL men who want a REAL relationship’ his brilliantly motivating and highly effective techniques promise to get any guy someone who really wants them. Written in Ali irreverent style it spurred by the explosion in the popularity of dating websites and Pick-Up Artists which all point to the fact men in particular are lonelier than we have ever been. 

A former professional athlete and master personal trainer, Ali is as multi-layered as you might expect. Genuine, and integrity personified, his humble aptitude remains despite him fast becoming one of the UK’s most powerful back-stage puppet-masters.

In 2008 Ali founded ‘The Slim Girls Box of Secrets’ a unique way to blend weight loss with health, happiness and style. Today the Box of Secrets has been sold in 51 different countries and is ‘one of the world’s most successful weight-loss tools.’ (Daily Express)

Ali's dynamic approach makes him one of our most potent and sought after catalysts for change, he made his US TV debut in 2008 on Celebrity Fit Club USA before returning to private client work and his books but he now makes regular appearances for Channel 5 in the UK on The Vanessa Show, The Wright Stuff Extra and Live with Gabby.

Ali Campbell is different, not only do his techniques work, and fast but his fun, no nonsense, irreverent ‘stand-up therapy’ style makes him uniquely placed in the media.

 ‘I love quick lasting change. We are often taught that change has to be hard, that it takes lost of effort and that success is only for the lucky few. That’s just not true… I’ve helped a reclusive unknown become named as ‘young global leader by the world economic forum, I’ve helped a shy awkward guy become a Brit-award winning, chart topping rock star and a great front man too, and a struggling makeup artist get her own signature range in Harrods… change can be fast… and much easier than you think.”