Are You Using The Best Career Change Strategies?

Are You Using The Best Career Change Strategies?

Natalie Ekberg

If you are reading this article, I presume that you have reached the point when you are clear that changing your career is a very potent option for you. Good, realization is only a few steps away from making a decision, which is only a few steps away from taking an action, so you are definitely on the right track!

To help you move from the “thinking stage” to the “action stage”, let me introduce the following strategies to you. I am sure they can make you better prepared for what lies ahead on this adventure called “career change”.

1.) Treat a career change as you would treat any other project. Being a business professional, you understand you need a final goal, a deadline, some action plan and, most importantly, some actions! Make sure that you devote a dedicated amount of time every day towards this “project”. The “action steps” do not have to be huge, especially if you are still employed and, of course, if your deadline is not dangerously close. Pace yourself but do something every day. Even going for a coffee with a friend but taking the opportunity to ask openly for his help or her useful contacts is a step. From my own experience and those of my clients too, very often the invisible dots connect in a mysterious way and your dream job offer may come from a completely unexpected source. Yet when you track it back, you understand how it started from your own small actions.

2.) Focus and use your time effectively. If you are in a situation when your time is limited, be very careful about how you spend the time you want to dedicate to your job/business search. Look at your options and choose the one that you believe has the potential to get you to your goal the fastest. It might come as a surprise to you but by far the biggest percentage of your time should be spent on networking, the rest should be split between very targeted job screening/applying and advertisement answering. But be under no illusion and understand that networking is by far the fastest job seeking strategy and if you haven´t mastered this skill yet, you better start practicing it straightaway.

3.) Look at what you have to offer from the employer´s perspective. Imagine you are the employer who would be considering giving you a job. What would your ideal candidate look like? What qualities would he/she possess? What working experience would be the most valuable for you? Then, having that knowledge, adjust your resume to fit their needs. Emphasize those parts of your experience that might catch their attention first. For example, let´s say your background is in marketing. If you apply for a job in an advertisement agency, you would want to talk about your experience in the creative part of marketing. On the other hand, if you are looking for a marketing job in a large company, you would want to present a solid knowledge of their customers as well as point out your ability to work within a structure, be a part of a team and your desire to learn and grow. Your past experience is still the same; you are just presenting it in a different manner.

4.) Understand that getting a job or building a business of your dream takes time and diligence. When you enter the arena of job search, you are joining tons of others who have exactly the same objective. Make sure you are better prepared. Have your plan and follow it. Don´t be distracted and don´t get discouraged. Keep your vision/final goal firmly in sight. And if you need help, coaching gets people pretty far, because the process ensures you keep your focus sharp. Consider taking it up; you will have a huge advantage over the people who are just stumbling along with no clear path set in front of them.

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